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Welcome to the HCI Glossary
The Human Computer Interaction Glossary is a site dedicated to providing definitions of common HCI-related terms to its visitors. The "Glossary index"-panel and/or the "Search glossary"-option located in the left panel can be used to browse through the currently available definitions.

Getting involved
If you want to add a term and/or edit or add a definition regarding an already available term, you can do so by logging in (this option is only available for registered users). It is possible to become a registered user by applying for a membership using the "Register"-option located in the left column (approval of membership will be dealt with by the HCI Glossary Team). Shortly after applying for a membership, you will receive feedback by e-mail concerning your login name and password.

A manual can be downloaded here (1.4 MB pdf-file). This manual describes all the possibilities of this website. It can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be found here.

Have fun browsing our database,
The HCI Glossary Team.

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